Saturday, September 1, 2012

Upgrading from 11gr1 to 11gr2 Using Data Pump Export/Import

  • Export data from the current database using the Export utility shipped with the
    current database
  • Install the new Oracle Database software
  • If the new database has the same name as the current database, then shut down
    the current database before creating the new database
  • Create the new database
  • Start SQL*Plus in the new Oracle Database environment
  • Connect to the database instance as a user with SYSDBA privileges
  • Start an Oracle Database instance using STARTUP
  • Optionally, you can change the storage parameters from the source database
  • Use the Import utility of the new database to import the objects exported from the
    current database
  • After the import, check the import log file for information about which imports of
    which objects completed successfully and, if there were failures, which failed
  • If changes are made to the current database after the export, then make sure those
    changes are propagated to the new database before making it available to users

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