Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How to get my Oracle session informations

In Oracle/PLSQL, the userenv function can be used to retrieve information about the current Oracle session.

The syntax for the userenv function is:

userenv( parameter )

parameter is the value to return from the current Oracle session.

For Example:

userenv('ENTRYID') would return FALSE
userenv('LANGUAGE') would return 'AMERICAN_AMERICA.WE8DEC'

 The possible values for parameter are:

Parameter Explanation
CLIENT_INFO Returns user session information stored using the DBMS_APPLICATION_INFO package
ENTRYID Available auditing entry identifier
INSTANCE The identifier number of the current instance
ISDBA Returns TRUE if the user has DBA privileges. Otherwise, it will return FALSE.
LANG The ISO abbreviation for the language
LANGUAGE The language, territory, and character of the session. In the following format:
SESSIONID The identifier of the auditing session
TERMINAL The OS identifier of the current session

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