Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fourthelephant Insider for Oracle ! the best alternative for Quest Spotlight on Oracle

Insider is a real-time performance tuning solution for Oracle. It allows you to monitor all aspects of Oracle internal workings and presents this in a revolutionary and sleek user interface.

Oracle Instance View
Oracle Instance view is a detailed real-time snapshot of an Oracle database showing performance and other critical information for a single Oracle instance

Oracle Alert Log
Whenever an error is discovered in the Oracle alert log an alert is shown on instance view and it can be opened in the separate window.

System Configuration
Configuration subview shows other important Oracle database and instance configuration data as well as licensing, options and NLS parameters.

 System Statistics Chart
System statistics charts subview allows to select any number of Oracle statistics and add them to a drill-down chart. A month worth of statistics history can be analyzed.

Enterprise View
Enterprise view is the starting point where you add, remove and arrange the items you would like to monitor, view some basic information about them, enable and disable items, view and configure alerts.

Oracle Context Menu
From Oracle Context Menu you can start and stop Oracle instance, start SQL*Plus and perform some other DBA functions.

Availability Report
You can generate an availability report for any server Insider is monitoring.

External Tools
You can easily extend Insider functionality by configuring external tools such as SQL*Plus, ssh or SQL Developer right on an Enterprise View item.

Tools Configuration
External tools can be configured with various variables, such as host name, oracle username etc.

100+ Configurable Alerts
You can disable alerts for all databases, you can disable them for a particular database and you can change alerts thresholds.

Alerts MiniHelp
 Alerts come with a small description and/or recomendation on how to fix a problem

Operating System View
Operating system overview is a detailed real-time snapshot of an OS server showing performance and other critical information for a single OS.

Processes view shows a list of operating system processes currently running.

Storage View
Operating system storage view shows the drives (mounts) and space usage statistics.

Operating system sessions view shows all currently connected operating system users and the details of their connection such as login time, idle time and IP address.

Secure Shell
 Shell view is a special type of view in that it allows you to login to you operating system host using your login and password you entered when adding an Enterprise view item and execute any command that your user account is configured to access.

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