Saturday, July 21, 2012

Oracle real installation guide for RHEL-5 64-BIT

1. Make sure Java libraries are up to date.. (sysad side..)

2. Do not start installation from the 9204 base installation- Oracle Universal Installer has problem

2.1 Install first the OUI "only" from the 9206 patchset (
using the Oracle_Home youve just decided
2.2 In ../Disk1/install/oraparam.ini edit the Linux value under [Certified Versions]
* value must include redhat-5 inorder to suppress the error message for OS version incompat.
2.3 After completion of OUI install, edit again ../product/9204/oui/oraparam.ini as instructed
in step 2.2
2.4 Now install the 9204 base using the OUI from 9206. Run ../product/9204/oui/runInstaller BUT
this time, select the "products.jar" from 9204 base installation set.
(ex: /u01/app/oracle/Disk1/stage/products.jar)
2.5 From here u should be able to install the SOFTWARE ONLY option. DO NOT create a database yet.
3. Patch the 9204 base with the 9207 patchset (
3.1 After decompressing contents, repeat step 2.2 again to suppress OS version incompat.
3.2 Now proceed with the patch application
4. You can now create a database using the "dbca" utility.



    This is the ONLY guide on the Internet that works with 64 bit RHEL 5 (x86_64)

  2. Thanks for the detailed procedure, it really helps....